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Wednesday, January 7, 2015 - 5:00pm
Spring 2015 Yale Scientific Teaching Fellows Program

Announcing an opportunity for Yale graduate students and postdocs in physics, chemistry, engineering, and related fields:

Apply to participate in the CTL and the Physics Department’s Spring 2015 Yale Scientific Teaching Fellows Program
Learn Scientific Teaching by creating, teaching, evaluating, and disseminating instructional materials for an undergraduate course in the physical sciences.
The Yale Scientific Teaching Fellows Program brings the rigor and spirit of research to teaching. The spring semester begins with a training course in Scientific Teaching. Participants will apply this knowledge to develop instructional materials that address a teaching/learning challenge in an undergraduate course in the physical sciences. Participants will also learn skills that are valuable for TA positions, lab mentoring, and an academic career. Fellows will learn how to engage students, address issues of diversity, and assess learning. In addition, they will build a community of scientific teachers that is grounded in peer review and maintains high standards of pedagogy, scientific content, presentation, and creativity. At the end of the program, participants are encouraged to publish instructional materials online in a growing collection made available to a national audience of instructors. During subsequent semesters, a subset of ST Fellows may be appointed as TFs for an introductory course where they teach the materials developed in this course to undergraduates and evaluate their learning.
Yale graduate students and postdocs must meet the following criteria:
Your major field of study involves the physical sciences (defined broadly)
You are interested in teaching
You have completed at least 1 semester of your required teaching at Yale by December 2014 (n/a for postdocs)
You have approval from your faculty advisor or DGS
Training in tested and documented teaching strategies for science courses
Transcript notation (for graduate students) and certificate of completion (for all)
Academic professional development (e.g., peer-reviewed teaching statement)
Building a network among science educators at Yale and beyond
This course is open to graduate students and postdocs in physics, chemistry, SEAS, applied physics, astronomy, geology; space is limited. (The same course is taught in the fall for graduate students and postdocs in the life sciences.) All fellows develop materials as instructional supplements for an introductory physics course or another undergraduate course in their discipline. Past participants report that this program is excellent preparation for an academic career.
Scientific Teaching Fellows Course
Theory & Practice of Scientific Teaching 
(non-credit graduate course Physics 530)
Instructor: Rona Ramos
Meets weekly on Science Hill for 2 hours: Fridays, 9-11am (room TBA)
Part I: Learn the essential elements of scientific teaching
Part II: Apply these principles to develop instructional materials
N.B. Participants are expected to commit to completing the program to the best of their ability. Some out-of-class work is required (reading and brief assignments, plus development of teaching materials if not completed during designated class time).
To apply for this program, submit your application materials electronically (preferably as a single pdf document titled lastname_firstname_ST2015) by January 7 to Rona Ramos (rona.ramos@yale.edu)
Complete applications must include the following four items:
Application form, including contact information and advisor signature
Statement about your graduate/postdoctoral research: (150 words max) Include a BRIEF description of your research. This statement should be written for a lay person and should be understandable by first-year college students.
Teaching Statement: (2 pages max) Write a statement about your philosophy of teaching. Include a closing statement addressing what you hope to gain from participating in this program.
Curriculum Vitae: Include research, teaching and mentoring experience.

Monday, January 12, 2015 - 9:30am to 12:15pm
Spring Teaching @ Yale Day

Will you be teaching for the first time this spring? Or did you miss T@YD in the fall? If so, join us for an event to orient first-time teaching fellows to the culture of Yale’s undergraduate experience, and participate in a dialogue that will explore the expectations of Yale students and faculty. The ST@YD is open to all disciplines and features a combined session for the sciences, the social sciences and the humanities.
By the end of the ST@YD you will have:
Explored strategies to deal with challenging student scenarios
Heard perspectives from an undergrad, an experience TF and a faculty member
Learned about important policies and guidelines for teaching in the Yale College
Become aware of teaching resources available to you here at Yale
As an added bonus, lunch will be served.  Please register here.
Feel free to contact Jemilat Salami-Oyenuga or Marco Bonett-Matiz for additional information.